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Conducted and Radiated Emissions Measurements of an Ultrawideband Surveillance Radar

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NTIA Technical Report TR-13-491
November 01, 2012
Robert T. Johnk, Frank H. Sanders, Kristen Davis, Geoffrey A. Sanders, John D. Ewan, Ronald L. Carey, Steven J. Gunderson

Abstract: We provide detailed descriptions of recent measurements conducted by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration Institute for Telecommunication Sciences in Boulder, Colorado. ITS engineers performed a comprehensive series of both conducted and radiated emission measurements of the Shore-Line-intrusion-Monitoring System (SLiMS). The SLiMS system is currently being developed by Time Domain® under the sponsorship of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command.

Keywords: amplifier; antenna; bandwidth; calibration; dual-ridged horn; dish antenna; effective isotropic radiated power; frequency-domain; oscilloscope; power; resolution; spectrum analyzer; time-domain; waveform

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