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Commerce's NTIA Announces New Commerce Spectrum Advisory Committee Members

May 24, 2011

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WASHINGTON – The Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) today announced the appointment of a diverse group of experts from outside the Federal government, including the nonprofit and private sectors, for a two-year term to the Commerce Spectrum Advisory Committee (CSMAC).  Committee members will provide advice and recommendations on a broad range of spectrum policy issues with the goal of strengthening the U.S. global leadership role in wireless technology services and innovation while supporting the country’s homeland security, national defense, and other critical government missions.

In particular, the CSMAC will advise NTIA on how best to execute President Obama's initiative to nearly double the amount of commercial spectrum available over the next decade to support the growing demand by consumers and businesses for wireless broadband services. In addition to the CSMAC, NTIA receives spectrum management and policy advice from Federal government experts through the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC).

“NTIA is proud to be on the forefront of developing and implementing the Obama Administration’s broadband and information policy. Through our spectrum policy work we are building the foundation for future economic growth while fostering innovation, and supporting America’ technological leadership,” said Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and NTIA Administrator Lawrence E. Strickling. “Input from this wide-ranging committee of outside experts will assist NTIA in effectively managing the nation’s airwaves while providing Americans increased access to broadband services.”   

The new co-chairs of the Committee will be Dr. Brian Fontes, Chief Executive Officer of the National Emergency Number Association, and Dr. Gregory Rosston, Deputy Director of the Stanford Institute of Economic Policy Research.

The Department of Commerce created the Committee in 2004 to advise the Assistant Secretary on a broad range of issues regarding spectrum policy. The members are spectrum policy experts, appointed as "Special Government Employees" from outside the Federal government. Committee members offer expertise and perspective on reforms to enable new technologies and services, including reforms that expedite the American public's access to broadband services, public safety, and long-range spectrum planning. 

The Commerce Department selected members based on their technical background and expertise as well as NTIA’s commitment to ensure diversity and balance in points of view. Members serve in a personal capacity and do not represent any organization or interest.

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