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Office of Policy Coordination and Management

The Office of Policy Coordination and Management (OPCM) is responsible for the execution of all administrative and management services in support of NTIA’s Administrator and program offices.
OPCM leads strategic planning for NTIA and sets policies and procedures for NTIA’s budget preparation, review, justification, presentation, and execution.  The staff reviews and approves spending requests, monitors expenditures and manages resource-related programs and systems related to employee payroll, travel, risk management, procurement and interagency agreements.
The Office supports the NTIA workforce through an array of administrative and management services.  These include serving as the liaison with Department of Commerce administrative staff on issues related to employee space, personnel transactions, human capital planning, physical security, performance management, recruiting, awards and recognition, and employee development. 
In addition, OPCM offers NTIA programs and staff a wide variety of information technology services.  These cover the full spectrum of IT management, including policy development, enterprise architecture planning, hardware and software configuration, IT acquisition, help desk and system design, development, implementation and maintenance.
Director of Administration and Chief Information Officer: Catrina Purvis

Chief Financial Officer: Kimberly Johnson-Miller

Budget and Finance Division Director: Holden Hoofnagle (Acting)

Deputy Chief Information Officer and IT Division Director: Bart Gibbon

IT Division Chief of Staff: Vera Ashworth

Management Division Director: Lisa Martin
Office of Policy Coordination and Management
National Telecommunications & Information Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce
1401 Constitution Ave., N.W.,  Room 4888
Washington, D.C. 20230
Phone: (202) 482-1056