A NATION ONLINE: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use Of The Internet

National Telecommunications            Economics and Statistics

and Information Administration             Administration

Nancy J. Victory, Assistant Secretary             Kathleen B. Cooper, Under Secretary

for Communications and Information             for Economic Affairs           



Joint Project Team

               NTIA                ESA

Kelly K. Levy, Associate Administrator,            Lee Price, Deputy Under Secretary for

Office of Policy Analysis and Development            Economic Affairs


James McConnaughey, Senior Economist            Patricia Buckley, Senior Policy Advisor


Wendy Lader, Senior Policy Analyst            Sabrina Montes, Economist


Sallianne Schagrin, Telecommunications             George McKittrick, Economist           

Policy Analyst

                                                                                                Jeffrey Mayer, Director, Office of

Sandra Castelli, Telecommunications                                    Policy Development

Policy Analyst 


Jeffrey Joyner, Senior Counsel


Keri Nusbaum



U.S. Bureau of the Census

       Demographic Surveys Division        Demographic Statistical Methods Division

Ronald R. Tucker        Alfred Meier

    Greg Weyland

Tim J. Marshall        Technologies Management Office

Adelle Berlinger                  Andrew Stevenson

                                                L. Dinah Flores               

Kerry Akiyama           Population Division

                                     Eric Newburger




NTIA and ESA would like to thank Milton Brown, Clyde F. Ensslin, Maureen Lewis, Steve Saleh, Josephine Scarlett, Kathy Smith, and Mary Smith of NTIA, and Elizabeth (E.R.) Gregory of ESA for their contribution to this report.