A NATION ONLINE: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use Of The Internet

Message from Secretary Evans

I am pleased to release A Nation Online: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use of the Internet.This report provides comprehensive information on Americans’ connectivity to the Internet, broadband services, and computers.Increasing numbers of Americans have integrated these technologies into their daily lives and are using them in a variety of places and for a wide range of activities.

The expanding use of new technologies continues to strengthen our economy.More Americans can now engage in online commerce, obtain e-government services, and access valuable information.Broadband connections are also on the rise.These high-speed connections will make it easier for people to engage in distance learning programs or telemedicine and to access a whole new array of entertainment and services that are on the horizon.

As these connections open new economic opportunities for more Americans, it is important that all segments of our Nation are included in this ongoing information revolution.I am heartened by this report’s findings that all groups of individuals are using these technologies in increasingly greater numbers.

Our young people are real leaders in the use of new information technologies.The vast majority of our youth are now Internet users.This development holds special promise for our economic future: today’s children who gain comfort and aptitude with new information technologies will be tomorrow’s skilled workers and innovators for our country.

These developments promise to bring economic growth and vitality to our Nation, and I am pleased that we are able to report on these exciting milestones.

Donald L. Evans

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